We are online with the blog of Il Germoglio, addressed to all plant and flower lovers and to all those who will come in contact with us by surfing. Opening a blog dedicated to our garden centre and the design and maintenance of green areas is an interesting way to make our experience availableto our readers through many useful articles on flowers, trees and ornamental plants. The goal of this blog, in fact, is to offer more information on green care.

In the website www.vivaiogermoglio.com we introduce our garden centre. In this first post we want to talk about the care of secular olive trees. Olive trees are important in the history of Apulia and are characterized by a harmonious and perfect structure. Il Germoglio garden centre make olive trees available within its exhibition space.

We have selected for our customers the best specimens of ancient olive trees, which are able to create a unique atmosphere in any garden or green area. The care of these trees is essential for those who decide to buy them, in addition to the conditions of the land in which they will be planted and theirmaintenance over time.The olive tree, in fact, is a plant that prefers dry environments and, at the same time, fears the lack of water and excessive humidity. An optimal solution is represented by micro-irrigation or by regular watering if the olive tree is in the ground. Regarding pruning it is advisable to proceed with alternate years, while for potted plants you will need to adapt to your aesthetic and space requirements. Our staff is available for transportation and planting of the trees purchased in our garden centre, without neglecting suggestions and advice to safeguard and keep these beautiful plants.

For more details, continue to follow our blog and do not hesitate to contact us. Il Germoglio’s staff wishes you a good reading!